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The Plaiters

The Eyesiga Mukama group comprises primarily single mothers and widows (each with many dependents), as well as a few married women. These women work hard to support their households and carry enormous burdens. The extra income from plaiting makes a big difference to their lives. There have been enormous benefits from the plait project so far, including their purchase of goats as breeding stock and being able to pay school fees.

The benefits are not only financial however: the women can meet and support one another in the challenges they face; valuable social capital is being developed; the therapeutic benefits of craft are well recognized -making is relaxing as well as creative.

Bushfire have hosted the project from the start and been incredibly supportive. If you would like more information about the fantastic work that Bushfire Children’s Home does, please visit http://www.bushfirefamily.org.uk/

Mama Joyce
Mama Joyce