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palm crescent

Elsa Cappelli hats represent an amalgam of ideas, values and beliefs and are realised through heritage and innovatory craft techniques. Many years of research, design development, sampling and experimentation have gone into developing and perfecting the intricate, labour-intensive processes that enable these head sculptures to be created.

Each hat in this range is an original - with an individual block made for each style as its personal mould, using specialist techniques. Only one of each style is made in a limited range of colours. Materials are natural and sustainably sourced - the vast majority being made by the Eyesiga Mukama craft group in Uganda.

These hats are bold, statement pieces that are deceptively flattering on the head. They are designed for the woman with a strong, individual sense of personal style, who collects and wears timeless investment pieces. Their sculptural forms are as well suited to display in a gallery or home context as they are to the arenas of fashion.

palm crescenta spikey palm hat a natural cone hat a palm fez a bandeaua spiral palm hat a palm tricorn a spiral beret a