plaited braids, straw plait, straw braid
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plaited braid, straw plait, straw braid

design through development

plaited braid, straw braid, straw plait
bundle of plait no1, straw plait

Plait No 1 - Zigzag

bundle of plait no2, straw plait

Plait No 2 - Twist

bundle of plait no3

Plait No 3 - Loop

plaited braid no1
plaited braid no2
plaited braid no3

Artisan plaits are hand-made from sustainably-harvested wild date palms that grow in Uganda. The plaits are produced by women of the Eyesiga Mukama craft group in their homes and when they meet weekly as a group. They provide an invaluable income stream for the group and in the process enable the women to come together and support one another in the difficulties they face – the whole being stronger than the part.

Some of varieties of plait are very textural, others smoother. The patterned plaits are adapted from indigenous Ugandan plaiting, made narrower and more supple for use in millinery and accessories.

These beautiful, environmentally friendly and ethically produced plaits come in 20 meter bundles @ 15 per bundle and are ideal for milliners and other craft practitioners' use. A limited range of colours are sometimes available, as well as natural, annatto and 'black'. For sales contact: